Companies need a single view of their operations and physical environment. More than security – businesses demand cost savings, increased efficiency and better customer experiences.

Buildos packs the features of an integrated physical security management system, differentiated by low cost, plug-and-play set ups, minimum infrastructure and using the latest AI and Machine Learning techniques to help make sense of large amounts of data from the operations of a facility to produce:

  • Increased collaboration between building operators and situation managers
  • Better operator vigilance through alerting mechanisms
  • Increased overall security of building operations

Capabilities at a glance:

Quick deployment with user interface for pre-integrated technologies

Smart event management and monitoring through defining rules in the Rules Engine

Smart alarm and event handling that is fully customizable, including sound and visual alerts to ensure operator vigilance

Customizable smart workflows to reduce signal to noise ratio of security alerts

Data visualization dashboards to track KPIs and metrics across locations

Enhanced security operations for suspect behaviours through facial recognition

Integration of different security, enterprise and sensory systems into one

Integration with online maps, GIS systems and building layouts