Farmers use a tremendous amount of data to make decisions about their farming operations. Most of this data resides in their head and in paper documents in methods that have been used for a long time. There is an opportunity to use sensor technology, real-time data processing and analytics to get more intelligent about farming operations.

Agrios makes farms smarter by capturing and analyzing large amounts of data from farming operations to produce:

  • Enhanced visibility and real-time views of farming operations
  • Management of multiple farms and land plots
  • Simple actions and predictions for farmers to act on

Capabilities at a glance:

Small-plot specific sensor technology installed and configured on site

Configured batch or real-time upload of data

Monitoring of visual progress of various key farm management metrics

Integration of various sources of data to help enhance understanding of farm operations

Cross management of various farm holdings in a single environment

Simple action-based alerts for farmers and other stakeholders to act on

Data visualization dashboards to track KPIs and metrics across locations for various other stakeholders