We are a platform focused startup focused on building out a platform for last mile value creation starting from the IOT space. We provide our partners a platform from which to build their IOT vertical focused businesses and do not just provide a platform – but also the business models, ecosystems and expertise around the vertical.

What We Do

Platform Development

We have built a platform for IOT in partnership with large companies throughout the Southeast Asia region and using Brazn’s core platform – we help them build out end use cases (e.g. smart city, smart environment) which they then operate and own.

Business Ecosystems

With Brazn – IOT businesses can be trialed and become revenue positive within a matter of weeks. We then provide guidance, business modelling and investment channels to these vertical operators and partners to put in place an ecosystem.

Data Exchange Platform

At it’s core – Brazn solves the problem of integration fragmentation from sensors to third party platforms – aggregating the best of breed solutions into one data bus and seamlessly exchanging data from the home domain, to the city domain, to the agricultural domain and car domain.

Our Partners

Our Specializations

Internet of Things

The next phase of technology will focus beyond people and start connecting everyday objects to the Internet; and in the near future – anything that can be connected will be connected. Brazn will help evaluate, design and deploy IoT solutions on the ground. We specialize in connected cars and smart sensor solutions.

Digital Transformations

We transform and disrupt vertical industries landscape through the IOT platform and partner with operating businesses to increase revenues and productivity in traditionally non-digital industries.

Venture Builds

Brazn also helps startups and ventures with technology expertise when building their solutions. We have a unique perspective that looks at technology not only from the technical aspects but also the business impact aspects. To date, we have built an AI engine for messaging applications, the entire platform for an e-commerce startup and an IoT software platform for a listed company.

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