Hey guys, just letting you know that Brazn is now the exclusive partner in APAC for Pimcore (www.pimcore.org). Stay tuned for a lot more activity around Pimcore education and evangelism in the coming months! In the meantime, here is a short write-up we did for their blog:

Brazn is a technology company that helps customers with leading edge solutions to the most common problems. Our main objective is to help customers move on from legacy solutions that usually are an outdated fit to today’s problems –  and finding better, cheaper and more effective niche solutions that are best in the market today.

We aspire to be the best of breed in providing innovative integration solutions to our customers and building technology cloud-first businesses to meet customer needs.

What pain points do you help solve for your clients?

Remove the sense of overwhelm for our clients. People today are confused and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of solutions out there, and at the same time we are seeing a huge demand to move on from legacy systems such as IBM and Oracle. As a multi-disciplinary technology consultancy – we help track, appraise and curate these solutions, architect the solution for the customer and also help execute or deploy those solutions.

In this way, we not only sometimes do the actual execution ourselves, but also work with partners in the vertical industries to architect approaches to interesting problems.

What is your competitive advantage?

Our advantage is in our multi-disciplinary approach to our clients to give a different perspective. We have collectively experience in internet companies, startups, marketing conglomerates and finance companies. As such, we are intimately aware of the needs of the end user in the company, and the challenges they face. At the end of it, technology is (a very important) means to an end, and having deep technical knowledge tempered with business expertise delivers that.

That combined with our open-source approach and development experience that other competitors fail to offer – and also experience from building our own ventures such as Vinyl of the Day – gives us a unique perspective.

What Pimcore project are you most proud of and what did it entail?

Our individual team members had experience building an e-commerce portal for a telecommunications giant in Southeast Asia – and that was interesting and a huge undertaking as the Pimcore system had to integrate with a multitude of legacy backend systems using an Enterprise Service Bridge. It was a complex undertaking but Pimcore delivered on its flexibility and usability and we delivered a fully functioning e-commerce site with half the resources and half the time of competing efforts.

Another Brazn pimcore project that we are proud of was for Resorts World Sentosa – where we migrated their promotions database to a Pimcore based system for their promotional microsite for Indonesia and reduced the effort in publishing up to date promotional information for the client, and the client was super happy managing promotions by themselves.

What led you to partner with Pimcore?

We were appraising competing solutions and while other CMS (like WordPress) were great for specific use cases, there were just no good solution on an enterprise scale for large clients that we had. Pimcore met these needs perfectly and we started a conversation with Pimcore to deploy that to more and more clients. This naturally led us to look at a partnership model and Pimcore have been awesomely supportive thus far.